Experts in MS care from five Gulf countries shared their clinical insights

Expert recommendations on patient profile suitable for alemtuzumab

Expert recommendations on challenges related to alemtuzumab

Better outcomes with alemtuzumab can be achieved by taking informed treatment decision in patients who are:

  Younger in age

  Having short disease duration

  At high risk of developing disability

  Treatment-naïve, highly active MS

  Women of childbearing age

*Expert opinion based on the clinical experience of using alemtuzumab from the 2nd Lemtrada Gulf Advisory Board held in Dubai, UAE, on 28 September 2018. DMTs: Disease-modifying therapies; EDSS: Expanded Disability Status Scale; HCPs: Healthcare professionals; MS: Multiple sclerosis; RRMS: Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis; UAE: United Arab Emirates. this study has not been reviewed by SFDA