Episode 3: Understanding the value of strength of antigen: How long and how strong

  • In this episode of Complete Booster Network, which features Dr. Nandhini Kumaran presenting the topic on ‘Understanding the value of strength of antigen: How long and how strong’ in a school entry booster. The speaker discussed the subject in depth including the rising incidence of pediatric illnesses and the need of immunization for children 7 years of age and below, the epidemiological shift in childhood diseases, as well as the immunogenicity and durability of the vaccine.
  • After diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus vaccination programs were implemented in India in the year 2020, the trend of vaccine-preventable diseases experienced a significant decrease in child mortality. However, the inability to have the booster shot on schedule resulted in an increase of at least two-fold in various age groups in the years that followed. Therefore, the rise in cases is the cause of the epidemiological change that opens the door for outbreaks of disease. Watch to learn more about the advantages of booster shots as well as the durability and protection provided by immunization against particular diseases.