ENDO 2022 - Annual Conference Coverage

Browse the newsletter for the top 10 session snapshot from the ENDO 2022 annual conference held in Georgia (June 11-14) covering new technologies in diabetes, management of diabetes with CKD, COVID19 and diabetes, diabetes in the youth and in-hospital diabetes-care guidelines.

Top 10 Sessions

  1. Novel technologies and experimental platforms for the study of human diabetes pathophysiology - organ-on-a-chip solutions for diabetes research
  2. Management of type 2 diabetes with CKD
  3. Disparities in diabetes and programs which help
  4. Molecular aspects of COVID-19 and diabetes
  5. Beyond glycemic control: Enhancing glucose metabolism and energy homeostasis through dual agonism of incretins
  6. Time in range - The A1c?
  7. Dilemmas in diabetes mellitus in youth
  8. Should weight management be the primary treatment goal for type 2 diabetes
  9. Tech check for diabetes: Use technologies in the management of persons with diabetes
  10. Management of hyperglycaemia in hospitalized patient in non-critical care settings: An endocrine society clinical practice guidelines