ESC Congress 2022 Annual Conference: Daily Top 7 Sessions Coverage

These newsletters are on key insights of the top sessions conducted at ESC Congress 2022, which covers the full spectrum of cardiology. It will provide a deeper understanding of CVD, challenges experienced, and diagnostic and management approach to improve the quality of life of patients.

Top 7 Sessions

  1. Heart Failure in Women: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment
  2. New Challenges and Strategies in Cardiac Rehabilitation
  3. Advances in Echocardiography Technology
  4. Risk Stratification with Echocardiographic Parameters
  5. Coronary Artery Disease - Different Aspects
  6. Challenges in Invasive Cardiology
  7. How Do SGLT2 Inhibitors Act in Heart Failure?


Top 7 Sessions

  1. Meet the Experts: Early Management of Acute Heart Failure
  2. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment and Scores
  3. Unusual Causes of Coronary Artery Disease: From Diagnosis to Treatment
  4. Novel Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Disease
  5. Evolving Approaches in TAVR
  6. TAVI Turned 20! A Look Back and a Vision for the Future
  7. Anti-Diabetic Pharmacotherapy in Clinical Practice


Top 7 Sessions

  1. Heart Failure with Declining, Improved, Preserved and Normal/Supranormal Ejection Fraction
  2. Heart Failure: Prevention Is Better Than Cure!
  3. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment - Scores 2
  4. Clinical Challenges in Atrial Fibrillation
  5. Advances in Cardiac Arrest Mechanisms and Treatment
  6. Novel Insights into Vascular Inflammation
  7. Myocarditis: Still Many Open Questions


Top 7 Sessions

  1. Quality of Life in Patients with Heart Failure
  2. Acute Coronary Syndromes Nuts and Bolts
  3. Cardiovascular Aspects of COVID and Long-COVID
  4. Managing Patients with Multivalvular Disease: Expert Insights
  5. Stroke: Diagnosis, Epidemiology, and the Heart-Brain Connection
  6. Meet the Experts: How to Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Patients with Diabetes
  7. Blood Pressure Targets: Reasonable and Achievable?