Study design and baseline characteristics in InRange study

A continuous glucose monitoring system is slowly becoming the go-to option for monitoring glycemic levels. It automatically tracks blood glucose levels day in and day out. It can be seen at any point in time. It also enables patients to review how their glucose levels fluctuate over a few hours or days which helps them better control their HbA1c. This ultimately helps patients how to balance their food timings, manage physical activities and juggle with medicines. There have been various studies using this method. One such study is the InRange study. The objective of the InRange study was to test the non-inferiority of Gla-300 compared with IDeg-100 for glycemic control and variability, evaluated by blinded CGM in people with T1DM. The primary endpoint was non-inferiority of Gla-300 vs IDeg-100 for % TIR 70-180 mg/dl at week 12. The main secondary endpoint was non-inferiority of Gla-300 vs IDeg-100 for glucose total CV at week 12.