Marking 20 Years of Innovator Glargine

As we commemorate the 20 years of Insulin Glargine, which is regarded as the gold standard of all Insulins, watch Dr. V. Mohan offer his opinions on Glargine in this episode. The only insulin that was available 20 years ago was an intermediate-acting insulin known as NPH, which was not a favored insulin. When one attempted to manage fasting plasma glucose, it frequently and invariably resulted in hypoglycemia since this insulin had a peak of concentration with a peak of action being just 8–12 hours. Patients would continue to have subpar control as a result because they would be concerned about the consequences of hypoglycemia. With the invention of Insulin Glargine, which completely changed what was possible by successfully lowering fasting blood sugar and, as a result, bringing the HbA1c under control. Millions of lives have been saved thanks to the invention of Glargine, which continues to be the most widely used insulin and is therefore legitimately regarded as the gold standard of insulin.