About the Program

DIA-TOUR Program is the 1st hybrid program in Sanofi which aim to create a scientific exchange virtual forum to all practicing HCPs across Saudi Arabia and Gulf regions, connecting and sharing educational scientific information and practices related to diabetes patient journeys. 

In 2021, across 8 sessions 17 top-notch speakers and more than 2000 HCPs connected and discussed the implications of BRIGHT study and SoliMix study on improving management of diabetic patients. 

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EASD Consensus Updates

28th October 2022

02:00 PM KSA Time
03:00 PM UAE Time

Discover Past Diatour Events

Leveraging Time-In-Range to Improve The Patient Experience

Insights from Prof. Robert A. Ritzel, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Angiology Klinikum Schwabing, Germany, on how the new metric of Time-in-Range is improving glycemic variability

Diabetes Guidelines in Ramadan

Dr. Thamer Alessa talking during Dia-Tour program about updates on diabetes and Ramadan guidelines for safe fasting for diabetic patients in Ramadan

Nutrition and Insulin management in Ramadan

Prof. Osama Hamdy talking during Dia-Tour program about Nutrition and Insulin management for safe fasting for diabetic patients in Ramadan