To compare the efficacy in achieving the fasting self-monitoring plasma glucose (SMPG) Target of 90-130 mg/dL, between two insulin glargine titration methods: My Dose CoachTM app with remote real-time settings (MDC) and conventional strategy (CS) with face-to- face insulin dose modifications every 2 weeks.

In this analysis of the impact of My Dose CoachTM use…


Executive Summary



A) Proportion of My Dose CoachTM users achieving FBG target

B) Time to FBG target achievement

C) FBG change, in different app usage frequency groups


Higher My Dose CoachTM usage was associated with:

Better FBG target achievement

Shorter time to FBG target

Greater reduction from baseline FBG

Hypoglycemia risk did not change with increased frequency of My Dose CoachTM usage

  • People with T2D initiating BI using My Dose CoachTM >3 days/ week during titration had better glycemic outcomes than those with lower usage, with no increase in hypoglycemia
  • These results suggest that use of My Dose CoachTM may help people with T2D manage their disease by appropriately titrating their BI dose to achieve glycemic targets; such a personal application may also encourage patient participation in managing their condition


  • This retrospective observational cohort analysis included people with T2D who were registered for My Dose CoachTM by their HCP between 8/1/2018 – 4/30/2020 and received BI
  • Study outcomes included change in FBG, change in insulin dose, occurrence of hypoglycemia (defined as FBG below the HCP defined hypoglycemia cut-off per the titration plan), usage of My Dose CoachTM, percentage of users achieving FBG target, and time to achieving FBG target
  • Users were trained to record FBG and administered BI doses directly in My Dose CoachTM. Users with an activated care plan and ≥ 2 FBG observations spanning at least 2 weeks (active users) were selected for analysis
  • Users who logged ≥ 3 consecutive FBG measurements within their prescribed target range were defined as reaching titration target (specified by the HCP during care plan creation)

    Poster 392, ATTD 5–2 2021 June Virtual Meeting, M.A. POLANCO et al

My Dose Coach is not intended to replace the care or advice of a healthcare team
My Dose Coach is approved by health authorities in Kuwait, license number: 601020 Oct 2020 & Renewal Sep 2021