About the Program

A novel solution for your patients to support them in achieving therapeutic and disease goals

Diabetes Prevalence in Gulf region is considered one of the highest across the globe with significant number of diagnosed patients who do not achieve optimal results. With digital empowerment era, there is a need to offer our patients a comprehensive solution which will relieve disease burden on patients and their families.

That’s why, at Sanofi, we are launching Digital Patient Support Program to provide you a tool for your patients and support them in their diabetes journey.

What makes the Digital Patient Support Program unique?

The Digital Patient Support Program is a new solution providing novel and innovative support and tool for patients living with diabetes. Here is why you should apply and enroll your patients.

Apply only once

Fill in the application form and Sanofi Representative will get in touch with you

Enroll your eligible patients in one step

The enrollment process can be fully digital with immediate support of Patient Care Coach.

Receive access to patient progress and reports

HCP Platform is available to track progress of your patients; you will receive monthly reports from Care Coach and timely support

Enroll in the program with one step and start providing the support to your patients living with diabetes

HCP Platform

Together, we can improve patients’ lives

Driven by our commitment to reduce the burden of disease and improve education and diabetes management of our patients and their families, we are introducing a solution for your patients living with diabetes which will support them in the range of debilitating conditions in which excessive disease plays a role.

But support takes teamwork. We hope that the Digital Patient Support Program will empower your patients to understand their disease better and foster meaningful communication between your team and patient.

How can you easily enroll and track your patient’s progress?

Diabetes Prevalence in Gulf region is considered one of the highest across the globe where significant number of patients do not achieve optimal results in the real-world setting.

More than 60% of T2D insulinized patients in Saudi Arabia are not well controlled1. Main reasons behind not achieving glycemic control are poor diabetes education, lack of experience in self-management of insulin dosing, lack of support and lack of titration of insulin. Additionally, around 24% of insulinized patients have also reported having occasionally forgotten to take their medication.1

While we have established one way of dealing with the disease, pandemic and digitalization has brought us to acceleration of switch from traditional to audio/visual consultations. It has been found that more than 70% of patients in UAE and KSA prefer more digital and less in-person consultation.2

There is a clear need for comprehensive support for our patients to advance their disease understanding and ultimately improve patients’ lives.

    1. Treatment Patterns, Effectiveness, and Satisfaction Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Treated with Insulin in Saudi Arabia: Results of the RIMODIS Study; AlSlail F, Diabetes Ther (2021) 12:1965–1978.
    2. https://www.researchworld.com/healthcare-consultation-disrupted-are-we-witnessing-a-fundamental-shift-in-patient-consultation-behaviour/

Enroll in the program with one step and start providing the support to your patients living with diabetes

Patient Application

Which patients are eligible to be part of the program?

Digital Patient Support Program has been designed to support all your patients that:

  • Have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 or
  • Have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2
  • Patients that are on Sanofi products, Toujeo or Soliqua

Eligible patients will receive a personalized support available in English and Arabic through their application once enrolled. The program will provide them with educational content on how to use their medicine (Toujeo or Soliqua), knowledge disease topics and videos to better understand diabetes and insulin, glycemic values, diet and exercise, Ramadan and travel guidance.

Based on your patients’ evaluation and establishing each disease goals, they will receive personalized content through the application with injection reminders and notifications to keep them motivated while learning how to self-manage their disease.

Patients will also be able to receive support from diabetes care coach available through application by video call to manage all their needs. diabetes care coach will help patients better develop both the “hard” skills of diabetes management, such as understanding trends in glucose data, as well as the “softer” skills, such as sharing a diagnosis with a loved one.


How does patient application and support works?

Enroll in the program with one step and start providing the support to your patients living with diabetes

Enrollment Process

Enrolling your patients in Digital Patient Support Program takes only a few simple steps:


Fill in the Application Form
To create a request, fill in the application form with your information by clicking ‘Apply Now’ on the website header and footer.


Receive More Information
Once you submit the application form, Sanofi representative will get in touch with you within 2 working days to provide you with more information and answer your questions.


Sign the Consent Form
After you have been provided with all the details around Program, Sanofi Representative will handle you the Consent Form to be signed as part of your enrollment.


Agency Care Coach Follow-up
When you have signed Consent Form, Care Coach will provide you with the Platform details and preferred patients’ enrollment process (e-consent, in-app consent, hard copy)


Enroll Your Patients
Refer and enroll your patients in a preferred way. Care Coach will follow-up with your patients and provide them with the needed support.

Enroll in the program with one step and start providing the support to your patients living with diabetes


Materials that will support you and your patients:

HCP Leaflet

Download the leaflet summarizing the Program details and enrollment process and share it with your peers

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