Influenza & Diabetic Patients

The immune system weakens with underlying chronic diseases like diabetes, which reduces our body’s capacity to fight infection1
People with diabetes are more likely to suffer from serious complications of influenza such as1,2

  • Pneumonia
  • Serious cardiac events
  • Neurologic complications
  • Worsening of diabetes related complications
  • Difficulty controlling blood sugar levels2
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Influenza Is More Frequent And More Severe in Patients With Diabetes

  • Influenza is more frequent among patient with diabetesThe prevalence of diabetes was higher in influenza cases than in matched controls (Adjusted OR: 1.11; CI 1.04-1.18) (UK for 141,293 individuals of all ages from 1991 to 1996)1

Diabetic patients are at increased risk of complications, hospitalizations and deaths due to influenza

  • More likely to be hospitalized: 3 to 6 times higher risk (during influenza epidemics).2-3
  • Increase risk of deaths from influenza complications: 6 fold increased risk4
  • Relative risk for death during hospitalization: 31 to 92 times higher5
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