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Burden of Influenza

The burden of influenza on communities worldwide is uneven, because the annual disease epidemics vary considerably in severity.1

90 MILLION | Influenza cases among children <5 years each year

Of these, 20 million are associated with acute lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI), one million of which are severe in nature.1

Between 28,000 and 111,500 children aged <5 years die each year as a result of acute LRTI associated with influenza, with 99% of deaths happen in developing countries.1

A total of 1103 children presented to the pediatric emergency department and outpatient clinic with influenza-like illness and had a swab sent for influenza A H1N1 PCR testing from July to December 2009.2


A H1N1.2


required hospitalization.2

3 years

The median age at admission.2

Children aged <5 years are especially vulnerable to influenza, particularly that caused by seasonal viruses, and vaccination in this group can be an effective strategy for reducing disease.1

CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone ages six months and older.3

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