Diabetes 360: Empowering patients to live well with Diabetes

We had three esteemed speakers; Assoc. Prof. Dr.Lim Lee Ling, Dr.Ekgaluck Wanothayaroj and Dr Kevin Tan who shared the latest offerings and programs that will empower and help you manage your patients together with Sanofi as a partner.

  1. Patient education being an integral part of diabetes management; and the importance of providing access to all through the general public website which is made available across Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore; below are the links to the website.
    Access here: www.getinsulinright.my
  2. Easing insulin initation and titration of once daily insulins for your T2D patients with the launch of insulintoolkit.com portal
  3. Easing the journey of newly insulinized diabetes patient on Sanofi insulins through the newly launched Empower program which provides 6 months nurse educator support, who will hand-hold the patients and play a key role in patient education and training on self-management