Act Now for your ACS Patients:

The ACS story aims to reinforce the 2019 ESC/EAS guidelines recommendations and drive urgency to treat patients who just had their ACS.

Please explore the 4 mini scientific campaign below to learn more on how to implement the guidelines recommendations and achieve higher clinical benefits for your patient

Identify Your Patient

Determining the CV risk of your patients can be complex, especially when taking into consideration multiple risk factor

ESC/EAS Guidelines

Bringing Dyslipidemia Management guidelines into practice for your very high-CV risk patients                                              

Treat Early

After their first ACS event, patients are classified as very high CV risk by ESC/EAS 2019 guidelines, regardless of comorbidities

ACS EuroPath Project

A pioneering program aiming to improve patient outcomes by identifying opportunities to optimize the current post-ACS patient pathway

MAT-BH-2200487/V1/Jun 2022