You are the emergency physician on call, when 3 atypical patients are admitted to your ER…

Diagnose within time and test whether your observations are the correct ones.

What is GO-Doctor?

GO-Doctor, is based on the evidence-based methodology of "serious gaming" and is co-developed by leading academic clinicians and serious gaming experts to increase physicians:

  • Experience with certain rare and life-threatening diseases 
  • Knowledge of key differentiating symptoms and observations in certain rare and life-threatening diseases 
  • Confidence in diagnosing & referring certain rare and life-threatening diseases

Clinicians about the game

Rare Blood Disorders Products


Prescribing Information GB
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MAT-GB-2105168 (v6.0)
Date of preparation: October 2023

MAT-XU-2303912 (v1.0)
Date of preparation: November 2023