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Information Leaflet

An introduction to Toujeo® Coach, how it can benefit your patients and what the registration process looks like.


Registration Form

Would you like to register a patient for the Toujeo® Coach programme? You can download and print in a hard copy form or you can fill in the online form for them. They'll be contacted by the supporting organisation for next steps.


How do I refer patients? Who are the Toujeo® Coach team? Which of my patients are eligible? What are the modules within the programme cover? 

Get answers to questions like these and more in this FAQ.

Toujeo® Coach Explanation

Length: 04:12

Watch this video to get an explanation on Toujeo® Coach, find out which functions are in the Toujeo® Coach Team, hear about patient eligibility and find out how to register.

Product Page

You will also find information about Toujeo® Coach, Patient Materials, and Start and Switch.

Patient Website

Find resources and support for your patients on Toujeo®. Help patients understand the basics of living and staying well with diabetes and how to have a positive start and experience with the medication prescribed to them.

Get in touch with the Diabetes Team

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Date of Preparation: June 2022

MAT-XU-2201441 (v1.0)
Date of Preparation: June 2022