MyPraluent Coach. My Companion for LDL Cholesterol Management. Features: Injection support, Extra support, Follow-up and feedback and Adherence reminders.

MyPraluent® Coach is a free 6–12 month programme designed with input from healthcare professionals and patients and is delivered by experienced nurses

*MyPraluent® Coach is provided and funded by Sanofi

  • This patient support programme is a post-prescription service and only available to patients prescribed Praluent®
  • To enrol your Praluent® patients please contact your local Sanofi representative

Not all hospitals will utilise My Praluent® Coach, please confirm your own situation

Contact Details for My Praluent® Coach Providers:


☎  0800 206 1225


☎  0800 083 3060


Find more information on Indication, Administration and Mechanism of Action and watch videos about Praluent®.

Patient Website

Find resources and support for your patients on Praluent®. Find useful links about how patients can manage their cholesterol.

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MAT-XU-2201545 (v3.0)
Date of Preparation: February 2023

MAT-XU-2204602 (v2.0)  
Date of Preparation: March 2023