Patient website

Direct your patients to their dedicated website for further support with Clexane (enoxaparin)

Show your patient the QR code on the package to access patient materials

Device resources

There are two different types of Clexane pre-filled syringes. The instructions for injecting Clexane are different between them. Check if your patient has received the Eris or the Preventis device before give them instructions on how to inject Clexane.

Eris device

How to use the Eris Clexane device(video)

Preventis device

How to use the Preventis Clexane device (video)

Clexane at home booklet

This booklet gives some instructions about injecting Clexane at home. It is intended for patients to keep as a handy reminder.

Order printed patient materials

Order printed materials for your patients on your own when you want using a platform called Medisa.

Download the User Guide to get more details on how to use the Medisa platform.

If you are experiencing issues with the Medisa platform, please contact us on

Sanofi’s green commitment

We encourage you to provide digital materials instead of paper copies whenever it is appropriate to support us in reducing our carbon footprint.


Get access to latest educational materials for you and your patients

Patient website

Find resources and support for your patients on Clexane.

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MAT-XU-2201545 (v3.0)
Date of Preparation: February 2023

MAT-XU-2204405 (v1.0)  
Date of Preparation: November 2022