3 ways to order vaccines

Call ordering

If you prefer to speak to someone when ordering vaccines our customer service team is available to help you weekdays from 9am to 5pm.

Call us for vaccines ordering on the number below or request a call back.

VaxiShop is our simple to use vaccines ordering site.

It allows you to conveniently and efficiently place vaccines orders, set up vaccine standing orders, track deliveries, manage invoices, and view your order history.


Some of our paediatric vaccines are available on the national immunisation programme and can be easily ordered through ImmForm.

ImmForm is a UKHSA website which provides vaccine ordering facilities for the national immunisation programme.


    For VaxiShop order queries or troubleshooting, please email the customer service team at
    GB-vaccinecustomerservices@sanofi.com or call 0800 854 430 (choose option 1).


    For ImmForm order queries or troubleshooting, please email the customer service team at helpdesk@immform.org.uk or call 0207 183 8580.

Vaccine Standing Order (VSO) benefits

Our Vaccine Standing Order (VSO) is tailored to your vaccine requirements to help you place and manage orders with ease, flexibility and peace of mind. 

With this in place, you will have priority access to your chosen vaccines at times of the year when you need them most.

It's also easy to update your VSO if requirements change via VaxiShop or by contacting us.

Freedom To Change

You can easily alter, amend or postpone a delivery, if necessary, to meet your changing vaccine requirements.


You receive a discount per vaccine based on your annual order rather than per delivery for maximum savings.

More Time For You

You can set up recurring orders, manage stock, track deliveries and access regular invoices efficiently online.

Order & Supply Priority

As a priority customer your supply will be protected in the event of supply disruption, giving you peace of mind and the confidence to maintain an effective service.

Flu Vaccines Returns

We understand that forecasting the number of influenza vaccines you need in any given season is never easy. That's why we offer a "take-back service" giving you peace of mind that up to 5% of any Sanofi flu order can be returned free of charge at the end of the flu season if it remains unused in your fridge. 

Get in touch with the Vaccines Team

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