Time in Range matters1-2 and so do the results of the InRange study: Toujeo vs Degludec in Type 13

There are more similarities than differences in the BRIGHT study: Toujeo vs Degludec4 in Type 2

Supporting patients with diabetes using Toujeo® SoloStar and DoubleStar*

*Toujeo DoubleStar is the highest unit capacity basal insulin pen5

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Patient Support Programme

Website dedicated to people with diabetes

Find resources and support for your patients on Toujeo®. Help patients understand the basics of living and staying well with diabetes and how to have a positive start and experience with the medication prescribed to them.

Start and Switch

A summary on how to start or switch your diabetes patients to Toujeo®. Please note: close metabolic monitoring is recommended during any insulin switch and in the initial weeks thereafter.

Diabetes Stories

Watch peer-to-peer videos of payors and healthcare professionals sharing best practices of adopting insulins for diabetes mellitus.

Toujeo Evidence in Type 1 Adults

Length: 5:11

Dr Winston Crasto gives a brief overview of how Toujeo may help you find the right balance between effective HbA1c reductions and the risk of severe hypoglycaemia in your adult patients with T1DM. 

Toujeo Evidence in Type 2 Adults Initiated on Basal Insulin

Length: 4:39

Diabetes Specialist Nurse - Beth Kelly gives an overview of how Toujeo® may help you to find the right balance between effective HbA1c reductions and hypoglycaemia during basal insulin initiation in people with T2DM. 

Toujeo evidence in Adults with T2DM and impaired renal function

Length: 6:33

Dr Janaka Karalliedde goes through some of the strategies to support the person with T2DM and impaired renal function. He also covers the role of 2nd generation basal insulins in achieving effective HbA1c reductions without compromising hypoglycaemia in this vulnerable population. 

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Date of Preparation: February 2023

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