Recognition of pre-hypertrophic cardiac involvement in Fabry disease using automated ECGs

An analysis comparing ECGs from 1496 healthy individuals to 142 patients with Fabry disease (without LVH) identified nine ECG parameters that were significantly different between the groups and could be useful for the purpose of screening the very early stages of cardiomyopathy in Fabry disease.1

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Clinical progression and patient outcomes

Download a helpful schematic of clinical manifestations, laboratory findings, cardiac imaging / ECG results that may be suggestive of Fabry disease.

    ECG, electrocardiogram; LVH, left ventricular hypertrophy

    1. Namdar M, et al. Int J Cardiol. 2021;338:121–6.

MAT-XU-2300310 (v1.0)
Date of preparation: March 2023