Dosing & administration

Clexane® is an anticoagulant of the low-molecular-weight heparin (LMWH) class, derived from natural porcine heparin, to treat thrombosis.1

Dosage and administration guide

How to use the ERIS Clexane device

How to use the PREVENTIS Clexane device


Clexane is available in two different devices as seen below. There are several different doses of Clexane, so the syringes may look slightly different from the ones shown here.


Automatic release of the safety mechanism when the plunger is fully depressed. Needle completely covered by the protection cap immediately after the injection.


Release of the safety mechanism when the plunger is depressed after the injection. An audible “click” confirms the activation of the safety mechanism.

Clear identification of different doses

PREVENTIS device syringes and outer packs

    1. Sanofi. Clexane Patient Information Leaflet, March 2022.

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