Can Multiple Endpoints in Clinical Papers Create New Insights?

Featuring Dr. Nina Shah from the Multiple Myeloma Translational Initiative, University of California, San Francisco and Dr. Evangelos Terpos from the University of Athens School of Medicine.

Drs. Nina Shah and Evangelos Terpos believe both progression-free survival (PFS) and minimal residual disease (MRD) are relevant endpoints to be aware of in multiple myeloma clinical trials. Watch them discuss this and topics such as hazard ratio and population characteristics.

"You may need 4, 5 or even more years in order to see a median PFS. So, possibly for approvals the MRD may give us some hints because we do know that MRD definitely correlates with both PFS and overall survival, both in the front line setting and also in the relapsed/refractory."

Dr. Evangelos

Terpos University of Athens School of Medicine Athens, Greece

I think the best place to measure MRD for those patients is right before maintenance therapy. So after the transplant, before you start something new, because that’s a very clean breakpoint that you can say, ‘Okay, how is this patient going to do?’ That is what has been done in a lot of the trials."

Dr. Nina Shah

Multiple Myeloma Translational Initiative of the University of California in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, US

Experts opinion about Multiple Myeloma

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