Our Heritage

For over 100 years, Sanofi Pasteur has been committed to extending the life-saving power of vaccination as broadly as possible. Our history is grounded in life science pioneers who discovered how infectious diseases work. They unlocked the public health potential of vaccination and developed efficient mass production methods to ensure the broadest access to vaccines.

Our portfolio of vaccines, ranging from cholera, dengue fever, diphtheria, to haemophilus influenzae type b, polio, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis A and B, meningococcal meningitis, influenza, to name a few, offer protection against a wide range of infectious diseases to people around the world. We work hand-in-hand with public health partners so our vaccines can help protect as many as half a billion lives annually.

Our team brings their passion to discover and develop vaccines to enhance protection for children, adolescents and adults alike. Our researchers are seeking effective vaccines to extend the benefits of vaccination to a number of infectious diseases, such as respiratory syncytial virus infections which can cause severe lung infections among children, including bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

We are not standing still with our existing vaccines. Our latest generation of 6-in-1 pediatric vaccines helps improve childhood immunization and reduces the number of vaccination visits for infants while improving comfort for children and reducing anxiety for parents1.

With the public health community we are actively involved in addressing funding, access and distribution challenges that inhibit vaccinations in countries with underdeveloped infrastructure. This is what drives us forward and gives us purpose.

Together with our public and private partners,
we are all driven by a common goal: