Small tips to design a more empathetic waiting area

  • In the current episode, Dr. Banshi Saboo a Chief Diabetologist Chair-Elect for International Diabetes Federation (South-East Asia) discuss on the topic Small Tips to Design a More Empathetic Waiting Area.
  • Many times, a variety of causes bring about stress in first-time visitors or patients to the clinic which can reduced if not eliminated completely by adopting a few measures.
  • One such ways of enhancing patient experience is by showing empathy. Another beneficial approach is to improvise the clinic waiting area by designing it to specific requirements such as ample space and seating arrangement to accommodate. Making the space and seating arrangement accessible to all patients, including those with mobility issues, offering medical education and information, using screening tools and pre-consultations, putting up necessary signboards, getting proper ventilation, and lighting are just a few of the many ways to enhance the patient experience overall and provide high-quality care.


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