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Automatic seizure detection and seizure pattern morphology

The study mentions the depth understanding of Video EEG (Electroencephalography) is a diagnostic test that records electrical activity in the brain. It was conducted to improve the diagnostic and monitoring capabilities of Video EEG and to provide doctors with a more efficient and accurate method for detecting and analysing seizures in their patients. However, the aim is to investigate the role of seizure pattern morphology on the performance of an automatic seizure detection system. There is detail explanation given in terms of methodology, inclusion and results. Although we can conclude that the study is unique in exploring the influence of seizure pattern morphology on automatic seizure detection and can help future research on seizure detection in epilepsy.  


EEG-Electroencephalogram, TL- Temporal lobe, FL- Frontal lobe TLE- Temporal lobe epilepsy, FLE- Frontal lobe epilepsy, OFE – non-localized focal epilepsy, GE- Generalized epilepsy


  1. Elezi L, Koren JP, Pirker S, Baumgartner C. Automatic seizure detection and seizure pattern morphology. Clinical Neurophysiology. 2022 Jun 1;138:214-20.