A Discussion on Hospital-associated VTE: Keeping the Monster at Bay

  • This webinar was a scientific discussion on venous thromboembolism (VTE) management in which experts like Dr. Ravindra Mehta (MD), Prof. Beverley Jane Hunt (OBE, FRCP, FRCPath, MD) and Dr. Khusrav Bajan (MD, EDIC, FICCM, FICP) shared their views and insights concerning the risk reduction of hospital-associated VTE.
  • The context of this discussion disclosed the view on the global burden and consequences of the disease, where the prevalence was looked at both within the hospital, ICU vs. non-ICU patients, in hospitalised vs. non-hospitalised patients, as well as the risk factors of VTE in hospital patients and the challenges faced during VTE management in this population. The underutilisation of thromboprophylaxis and its impact on the treatment strategies based on various VTE risk assessment models were some of the key highlights. Additionally, in this segment, examples via case studies, along with clinical data and guideline recommendations, were comprised as the supporting growing body of data.