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How to Improve Patient Care and Outcome Through Patient Education

  • Patient education creates health awareness and reduces the global burden of diseases1
  • Patient Education is widespread and largely emphasized communication strategies to spread awareness1
  • It is essential in improving patients’ ability to manage their health and quality of life1
  • Effective education promotes a healthy lifestyle and stresses the importance of health1

Aims of Patient Education1

  • Maintain and promote health
  • Prevent illness and health complications
  • Restore health and promote recovery from diseases
  • Cope with impaired functions

The patient education strategies work towards1,3

  • Boosting patient’s confidence and ability towards self-health management
  • Encouraging healthy living and improving the overall quality of life

Benefits of Patient Education1,2,3

The Four Vital Components of Patient Education Process4

  • Assesment
  • Implementation
  • Planning
  • Evaluation

Strategies for Patient Education

  • A highly responsible task for healthcare professionals
  • Makes the patients conscientious of their health status
  • Enhances comprehension of the disease to enable patients to play a proactive role in self-care

Tips for HCPs to Improve Patient Education1,3


  • Patient education influences patient behavior and induces behavioral changes by imparting knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to maintain or improve health.
  • Patient education is crucial to allow people to understand their health and treatment better.
  • It empowers patients toward effective and informed decision-making.
  • Encourage patients to self-management, prevent re-occurrence and avoid repeated hospital visits.


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