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The role of gut microbiota in clinical complications, disease severity and treatment response in severe alcoholic hepatitis

Changes in gut bacterial communities are associated with cirrhosis and related clinical events. A total of 26 patients with SAH were included in the study: 12 on corticosteroids and 14 on G-CSF. Next-generation sequencing was performed on a total of 38 stool samples collected at baseline and follow-up.1 


This study aims to characterize bacterial communities associated with clinical events (CE), identify significant bacteria linked to CE, and define bacterial relationships associated with specific CE and outcomes at baseline and after treatment in SAH


Identify specific changes in gut bacterial diversity, genera, their metabolic functions, and interactions associated with severe alcoholic hepatitis (SAH) related clinical outcomes and treatment response.

  • Specific gut microbiota, interactions, and metabolites have been linked to SAH complications and  treatment outcomes
  • Precision medicine based on microbiota as an adjuvant treatment could be a new therapeutic area.


  1. Philips CA, Augustine P, Ganesan K, Ranade S, Chopra V, Patil K, Shende S, Ahamed R, Kumbar S, Rajesh S, George T et al . The role of gut microbiota in clinical complications, disease severity, and treatment response in severe alcoholic hepatitis. Indian Journal of Gastroenterology. 2022 Feb;41(1):37-51.
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