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Nasal sinuses cholesteatoma: Case series and review of the English literature

Nasal sinus cholesteatomas are uncommon slow-growing lesions that are frequently misdiagnosed preoperatively. They can develop due to embryologic remnants or iatrogenic factors (surgical trauma or nasal sinus trauma). In addition, they can cause bone destruction resulting in intracranial or intraorbital complications as well as malignant change if neglected. Complete surgical removal is a must with strict postoperative follow-up. Three cases of nasal sinus cholesteatoma are reported. The first case was found inside the ethmoidal sinus, the second in the frontal sinus, and the third was found inside a concha bullosa. In all three cases, a wide endoscopic surgical excision was performed. Due to the lateral extension of the lesion, frontal sinus trephine was also used in the case of frontal sinus nasal cholesteatoma. In addition, a review of the English literature for the reported cases of nasal sinus cholesteatomas was conducted.

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