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Pause the atopic March (PAM): Module 1 conducted on 10th June 2022

This is a video recording of the PAM module conducted on 10th June 2022 by the Sanofi Medical Team. The webinar is the first part of a three-part series that deals with the progress of atopic diseases from childhood to adulthood.
Anaphylaxis is a severe hypersensitivity reaction which may sometimes be life-threatening and fatal. Its pathophysiology includes IgE, non-IgE and non-immunologic mechanisms. Food, drug and venom are the commonest causes. ICON classification for diagnosis is very useful. Intramuscular adrenaline is the drug of choice for treatment. 
Allergic diseases are amongst the most prevalent diseases worldwide and the burden of allergic diseases continues to increase. Currently, testing for IgE sensitization is the cornerstone of the diagnostic evaluation in suspected allergic conditions. Need of the day is a diagnostic algorithm for an allergy evaluation. 

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