AED Withdrawal Risk Retrieval Calculator

AED withdrawal risk retrieval calculator is a tool to calculate the risk of seizures occurring following the withdrawal of an AED for patients with epilepsy who are seizure-free for at least two years but are at risk of developing recurrent seizures after withdrawal of an AED. The tool not only helps in predicting recurrence risk after AED withdrawal but also helps reduce the risk. This prediction model is based on and validated in 10 different populations of children and adults. It enables a comprehensive evaluation of factors related to the safety of withdrawal. AED withdrawal risk retrieval calculator also has some limitations such as it doesn't apply to people who became seizure-free through epilepsy surgery and it is not a part of the guidelines. 

AED Withdrawal Risk Retrieval Calculator, Recurrent Seizures, Epilepsy Prediction Tools, Seizure Reoccurrence

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