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MicroRNAs, a special kind of RNA, have been recognized as important tools for assessing the diagnosis of epileptic foci. In clinical use, MicroRNAs will aid in the deep understanding of several changes occurring inside the brain as well as during and between seizures, eventually improving diagnosis and effective clinical management. PWE are more likely to internalize stigma than individuals with other chronic neurological disorders. It is considered as the most important negative influence on the lives of PWE and their families. Effective interventions with this scale could facilitate the examination of factors associated with self-stigma, which could inform the development of effective interventions for reducing stigma. The understanding of the pathophysiological basis of the epilepsies has led to a spasmodic rush toward precision medicine. This involves holistically assessing and treating patients. Timely seizure detection with cEEG might reduce medical and neurological complications.

MAT-IN-2202078 09/2022