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COVID-19 Era: Importance of telemedicine in PWE

Scope of Telemedicine (TM) in patients with epilepsy (PWE) in the COVID-19 era. It aims to avoid face-to-face consultation and unnecessary visits during the pandemic. Telemedicine delivers required care, support and education to PWE by mitigating geographical barriers and problems like lack of mobility or resources. Platforms like Internet solutions, satellite connections, and digital services can be used to conduct TM. TM performs effectively as we can share files like EEG images, MRI images, videos of seizures etc. It also provides opportunities for PWE to communicate with specialists. Furthermore, it helps reduce the problem of accessibility to medical facilities for those with a disability, handicaps or lack of resources for travel costs. Telemedicine also helps to exchange useful information related to the evolution of the disease, drugs, and their side effects.

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