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Hot Topics in Kidney Transplantation: New Living Donor Tools and More: Dr. Dorry L Segev

  1. Old Paradigm:
    Risk of ESRD in donors is no higher than in the general population
    New Paradigm:
    There is attributable risk to donating, which can be estimated using big data
  2. Old Paradigm:
    A normal healthy person was to be subjected to a major surgical operation not for his own benefit.
    New Paradigm:
    Tangible benefit and interdependent donors.
  3. Old Paradigm:
    All live kidney donors are basically equivalent and better than any deceased donor.
    New Paradigm:
    Live donor kidney donor profile index.
  4. Old Paradigm:
    The result of a kidney exchange needs to be compatible.
    New Paradigm:
    Combining kidney exchange and desensitization is the best of both worlds.