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The Enigma of New Daily Persistent Headache: What Solutions for Paediatric Age ?

NDPH is a primary headache characterised by an abrupt onset with continuous daily pain that can persist for many months. Although self-limiting forms have been described, NDPH is frequently associated with a high disability even in children and adolescents. For this reason, it is very important to recognize it from a diagnostic point of view and to treat it. Little specific data on NDPH in developmental age has been found. Most of the therapy studies have been conducted on adults with conflicting data. Currently, pediatric NDPH therapy is based on experiences in adult patients and in individuals with other forms of primary chronic headache, hence the need for more pediatric studies to fill this information gap.

A new daily persistent headache (NDPH*) is a continuous headache with a precise and distinct memory of the onset of symptoms


Clinical features1

Headache with or without previous history of migraine or tension-type headache and/or type of pain must not have specific characteristics

Differential diagnosis of NDPH*1

Pharmacological treatment1


As NDPH* mimics other types of headaches, thorough differential diagnosis is crucial for the treatment to reduce the risk of disability associated with NDPH*

*NDPH - new daily persistent headache


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MAT-IN-2201504 06/22