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Episode 1: To help you strengthen your recommendation of School Entry Boosters

In this video about Complete Booster Network, Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni presents his thoughts on the evidence of waning immunity and need for school entry booster. The following points were discussed in the session.

  • There could be a progressive decline of serum antibodies after primary vaccination in the circulation, often to a level below that required for protection against some antigens.

  • The immunity system of an individual who has been vaccinated against that specific pathogen can more rapidly and more robustly mount a protective immune response.

  • A significant decrease in antibodies against diphtheria and tetanus toxins, and poliovirus decreased at 4 years of age.

  • Studies showed that half of the children aged 5 to 6 are protected, and antibody levels in adults do not provide sufficient protection against diphtheria. The absence of a school-entry booster dose poses a threat of re-emergence of diphtheria to the population of children aged six years or older.

  • Booster dose at school-entry age elicits a stronger booster response for all vaccine antigens.