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Understanding Global and Indian Recommendations on School entry booster

This episode of Complete Booster Network features Dr. Pankaj Garg presenting the topic ‘Understanding Global and Indian Recommendation on School Entry Booster’ to highlight the importance of school entry booster vaccines. The speaker discussed the subject in depth in regards to rationale for School-Entry Boosters for Diphtheria and Tetanus, Pertussis, and Polio as well as the global recommendation on vaccine against these diseases, the reason for full dose DTaP recommendation, and changes observed in the global and nationwide scenario of injectable polio vaccine.

The introduction and high uptake of a school-entry DTaP-IPV booster vaccine in a national vaccination program is a public health measure that would ensure continuous protection against these vaccine-preventable diseases during childhood. A DTaP-IPV vaccine would be highly beneficial not only to boost those who are fully vaccinated up to that point, but also to those who may have missed at least one dose.