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Episode 2: Waning Immunity and its Associated Risks

  • In this episode of Complete booster network which focuses on the necessity of school entry booster, our speaker Dr. Tushar Shah discusses the topic of ‘Waning Immunity and its Associated Risks’ in the need for school entry booster.
  • Prior to vaccination, there were high rates of childhood infection and pertussis circulation, which led to widespread immunity. There was a significant increase in disease incidence in adults and adolescents when the pertussis vaccine was developed and put into use. One of the primary reasons for this phenomenon is the waning immunity from the vaccination observed in children. Studies have been done to assess the spread of the disease and its impact on the home environment. Other diseases like Diphtheria and Polio, also showed signs of recurrence and declining immunity in India and across other countries. Therefore, it's crucial to realize that neither natural immunity nor a single vaccination offers lifetime protection, and that ongoing booster vaccinations are necessary to protect those who are at risk of infection against infection and its spread. 
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